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order to raise their capacities to be ready for the future challenges in the field. It was, in my experience, one of the most interesting and resourceful events that offered crucial information about information gaps, as well as the health, social and legal dimensions around this rising phenomenon. Lets talk about Gay Sex and Drugs. ChemSex Monologues, more links: Watch the Vice ChemSex documentary: Read more from Irena on her time in Berlin at the Chemsex Forum. The Forum actively supported a approach to the ChemSex issue by involving different actors, from clinicians to ChemSex Veterans including, but not limited to, harm reduction practitioners and drug policy activists, outreach workers and researchers. The following days were for data and evidence and community mobilisation which featured the latest data on ChemSex and workshops on multidisciplinary team building and information gathering. It is an open format salon that features a rotating panel of writers, medical experts, activists, performance artists, drag queens, and community members that are engaged in promoting sexual health and openly talking about critical topics that can be uncomfortable or taboo for some people. Being something deeply intimate which does not personally affects me I owe enormous gratitude that I was offered a space and got chance to exchange ideas and experiences with so many amazing people. The discussion and understanding among trainees and trainers was that there was a general opposition, if not conflict, between treatment programs and harm reduction, where both sides often neglect the idea that one size doesnt fit all.

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Modtager vi alligevel en relevant uopfordret ansgning, videresendes den til den vedkommende afdelingschef. Wir verwenden auf dieser Webseite Cookies, um unsere Inhalte besser darzustellen sowie die Nutzung unserer Webseite für unsere Weiterentwicklung zu analysieren. Sie akzeptieren unsere Cookies, wenn Sie fortfahren. Für die Inhalte des externen Anbieters ist die BKK VBU nicht verantwortlich. Irena Molnar yODA) went to the 2nd European ChemSex forum 2018 and shares her experience with us: ChemSex as a term is used to define the use of drugs or alcohol for sex, although the mainstream media have either misunderstood it, or misappropriated for exciting. Glossary of ChemSex terms, what is the ChemSex forum about? As a woman I felt enormous support and openness to be included into discussion around personal MSM issues such as sex sexdate auktion and drugs. Hvis vi nsker at tale nrmere med dig, bliver du kontaktet direkte af afdelingschefen, men man vil ikke kunne forvente at modtage en tilbagemelding p en uopfordret ansgning. Documentary part 1: Community, documentary part 2: Connection, documentary part 3: Youre not alone. Det glder, nr du ansger om at blive underviser, rdgiver, arbejde i Prventionsklinikken og i visse stillinger i Sekretariatet.

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