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off since forever. But unfortunately for him and any #Drella shippers out there Hadid is adamant that their relationship has never been anything more than platonic. It wasnt me comment on Instagram. Sophie Brussaux, retired pornstar, sophie Brussaux is the mother of red dating site Drake's no longer secret son. Our source tells us Lateysha has been telling her friends she's planning on visiting Drake in Los Angeles soon when he heads back home. Between those secret baby rumors (that were confirmed to be true that whole blackface fiasco and that stunt he pulled.

He reportedly struck up a brief romance with a sexy dancer during his time. They appeared to have been having dinner with a group of friends at the restaurant and were seen chatting together happily as they tucked into a Japanese feast. Reka Nagy-Miticzky also dated Drake in April. Drake's alleged baby mother Sophie Brussaux. Raye, raye, 20, is a British pop and R B singer. Drake and Nicki also had their fans fooled when they pretended that they got married. Although he has been seen with various women on his arm and hes been on-again/off-again with Rihanna for several years he doesnt seem to be ready to settle down.

After the rapper released his latest album, Scorpion, rumors began swirling that Drake and Hadid had a secret relationship, thanks to lyrics.
We have seen Drake with a number of beautiful curvaceous women ove r the years, but it s been a minute since we heard dating rumors.
Drake, 31, dating singer Raye, 20, after forming a close rela tionship.
He s got form for dating the hottest and most up-and-coming stars in the.